For any event manager, the prime responsibility is to engage attendees, no matter what type of event is being held. The main purpose of driving engagement is to drive attendees back to your events in the future. The more you make it easier for attendees to purchase tickets, register, check-in, networking and participating in the polls and surveys, the better the experience is.

For this purpose, there is no better way to drive engagement rather than opting for the mobile event app. How mobile event app can boost attendees participation, let’s have a look at it.

Better Networking Opportunity

The first and foremost purpose of any event is to help attendees network and connect with like-minded people. Event app not only makes it easier to collaborate and connect with people with similar interests but also helps them in the future as well.

The event app helps attendees to curate data and schedule meetings with exhibitors and sponsors. Through mobile event app, attendees can look for what sessions are currently being held and participate in the sessions that are of their interest. Hence, event app can help your attendees to network with each other without any hassle.

Check-in Made Easy

Imagine, if 1000 attendees have registered for your event and you are still depending on manual work. How much time would it take to fill in the forms and allow attendees to check-in? It might frustrate the attendees waiting in the queue. With the help of mobile event app, check-in is as easy as tapping on your phone.

With a few clicks, everyone can ensure check-in seamlessly. Moreover, beacons can sense everyone entering the room and with the help of mobile event app, attendees can check-in for each session in real time without the help of a scanner.

Survey and Polling, Just a Click Away

As an event manager, you need to collect feedback in order to make improvements in the future. Without sending text messages or web links, your mobile event app can help you conduct surveys and polls instantly.

Moreover, if the event is about a product launch, the product owners can collect feedback in order to know what people are thinking about and how to improve it. Thus, event app is great for collecting feedback on a larger scale with few clicks and without any gimmicks.

Engage on Social Media

Social media is the backbone of any event to make it a success or failure. Not only social media helps in promoting your event but also allows attendees to post their pictures and videos on their timelines. Without doing much, event app can help you spread your event highlights and allow others to view what’s going on.

If you are looking for a branded or standard mobile event app, is here to help you out. Driving attendees at your event and engaging them is no more difficult. You can also view what other participants are doing with a 360-degree view. Make your event experience better and engaging with the event app.