In case you want to start up a business, you need to learn the importance of saving money. When starting a business, you need to come up with a plan that has been well-thought-of to reduce the time, energy, and expenses during the whole process. Some companies require a high amount of capital to startup, and as a result, most people seek help from investors. Before investors accept to give you their money, you have to know how to convince them. Here are some suggestions for getting money from investors to startup your business:

1. Come up with a budget that is realistic.

In most cases, investors believe that the best businesses should have traction and client discovery. For you to win your first customers, you will need to have a budget. The moment you can elaborate on how you plan on reaching specific milestones, you can submit the idea to the investors. Most CEOs of new companies dedicate the first six months to pitching investors. Additionally, you need to know how much pitching the investors will cost you regarding traveling and other additional fees.

2. Identify the potential investors.

Carry out intensive research on potential investors. Get to know the kind of people they are, if they have ever invested in a business like yours before, and if your business policies match with theirs. Get to know who your investors are so that you can be able to interact with them on different levels. Finding investors who have similar interests as yours will increase your chances of getting money from them.

3. Use social media.

A strong presence in social media is something that can entice investors. Let your personality shine by interacting with your investors through Twitter and LinkedIn. Let the investors remember you as the social media guru who shared many things freely. Social media can also assist you in knowing who your investors are. Get to know what they usually post about and use that information during your pitch to show them that your values match.

4. Pitch at your level.

If it is your first time in a particular business, start small while searching for potential investors. Go for smaller investors who can accept to support the type of business you are willing to startup. On the other hand, if you have been in a specific industry for many years and you feel the need to expand, you can approach more prominent investors.

5. Practice your pitch.

You should always make use of the time you have before meeting the investors to practice your pitch. Come up with a quick overview of your business. Learn how to give the pitch to anyone so that you build confidence. When the time to face investors comes, you will be able to express yourself fluently without panicking. Once you can explain the overview of your business well, investors will be willing to listen to the whole business model. If you are getting into the computer networking world, explain to the investors that you have plans of setting up an intrusion prevention system to prevent vulnerability exploits.

6. Never give up.

If you decide to venture into business, you have to be able to keep on keeping on despite failing many times. If your first pitch was a failure, focus on the positive things and take it as a learning process. You will learn that most investors are willing to invest in businesses that are already running. Having such information is crucial because you will be able to explain to the investors why you need the funding from scratch, and how viable your business model is.


When approaching investors, you need to stay positive and believe in the business you want to startup. You will discover that your hard work and focus will make your business reach heights you never even expected.