Events events events! There are events everywhere! In the USA, on an average, there are 80 to 90 events every day in a city. In India, there are 30 to 40 events every day in a big city. Events can be of any type. There are business events, birthday parties, marriages, pub parties, disco parties, traditional festivals, social festivals, food festivals, rallies, carnivals, etc.

Some events are organized for a selected group of audience. Some events are organized for all the people in the city. The niche can be of any group or category. An event is considered as a successful event only if it has the expected number of attendees.

Event professionals are using technology in the event and marketing of it. Technology is not used only in certain areas like manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, etc. Nowadays, each and every field is supposed to make optimum use of technology. There are big digital banners that are used at the venue of events, huge sound systems are also very important.

Many times, live recording is done and displayed all over the city of the country. If we talk about private events such as birthday parties, marriages, business events, etc., these are not for the public. An attendee needs special invitations for these events. But some events are public events. Anyone can get the tickets at the counter or book online and enjoy the event. Such events are organized mainly to increase socialism among the residents of the city.

People who attend public events, get to know a lot of other people and get a chance to increase the social network. But what are these events with a very less crowd? When we say public events, what comes in the mind is a venue where a huge mob gathers and enjoys the event. But imagine a public event where very few people arrive. It is important for event professionals to understand the value of marketing.

Organizing an event beautifully is not everything. One must understand how to promote it. Organizing an event without proper marketing is like walking on a treadmill, you are working hard but are not reaching anywhere. By promoting the event, you can expect a higher number of attendees. Marketing and promotion include a lot of steps.

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In this digital era, if you are stuck with all the traditional forms of marketing, you will not see expected results. Have you heard of digital marketing? This is a savior. Maximum events are for youngsters and millennials. This category of a youngster is internet savvy and tech savvy too. These youngsters will get attracted if you promote the event in their way. There are various ways in which you can promote the event digitally and experience a successful marketing.

One of the ways includes mobile applications. Initially, it will sound irrelevant and confusing. Any person will think what are apps going to do? Apps are something that takes a lot of time. Developing an event app will be expensive. We agree with you all. But have you heard of event apps that has details of al upcoming events near you? Here we give you the top event apps that are doing great:

  • Eventbrite – It has created 1.7 million events.
  • Meetup – 6.6 million events.
  • Brown Paper Tickets – More than 200,000 events.
  • Facebook events – More than 16 million events created every month.

What is a mobile event app for a local concert and shows: An event app for a local concert and shows is something which offers users to see details of all the upcoming concerts and shows. There are many application development companies which are creating excellent and unique event apps. Users get notified when any concert is listed in the app.

In some apps, the user can set an interest too. For instance, is the person is fond of musical dramas, he or she will get notified about it whenever any event gets listed of the same type. The user can also book e-tickets through these apps. There are some amazing features present in these apps that can make the concert experience into a good one.

These apps are designed so well that the user can get handy with it very quickly. These apps do not display events of other cities as these are specially developed for local concerts and shows. Event professionals contact the app development company and get the event registered. This requires a certain amount of money for obvious reasons.

The event needs to fit into the category of concerts and shows. In this process of registration, organizers feed complete information about the event such as venue, date, time, names of celebrity guests, names of hosts, break time, list of performances, list of names of all performers, images, etc. Once everything is registered and the event is displayed on the app, the app users will get notified and start booking the tickets online using e-wallet.

Now how to create a mobile event app for local concerts and shows:

In this article, we are going to tell you what things to take care of while developing an event app for local shows and concerts.

Niche market: This is a niche market. Hence, it becomes easy for you to develop the app as it has limited things included. Also, initially the budget is limited and that is why going niche is a good option; especially for startups.

Integrate with social media: Always remember that most of the millennials and youngsters are having fear of missing out i.e. FOMO. That is the reason, youngsters are highly active on social media. For instance, zomato (food delivery app) offers an option of sharing food/venue pics and also offers the option of sharing it on other social media accounts such as Facebook. Similarly, it is very important to integrate social media so that attendees can share the experience on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Review option:

Offering a review option is necessary. When an attendee will attend the event, he or she must be able to share the experience through reviews on the event app so that others will understand what sort of event it is and is it good or not worthy.

  • Target the right audience:

Before starting the actual development process, analyze the target audience, their likes, and dislikes. According to the niche of audiences, design the app. Since you are going to develop a local concert and shows app, you must make it loud, happening and classy.

  • Proper marketing:

After the development of the app, all you need to do is a proper marketing. Marketing is not done only for end users. In this case, it also includes event professionals. These are the people who are going to give you return on your investments. Since the app is a digital concept, marketing should be done digitally.


A local event app for concerts and shows needs a lot of studies, research, and much more. These apps are amazing and are very famous among millennials. These apps include the images of events, details of all participants, venue, timings, fun things, etc. After going through these details, the app users will decide whether to buy tickets or not. Also, these apps offer personalization. The user will get notified about the events of his or her interest. Create your own app with The NineHertz.