If you are a homeowner, you probably dread problems with it. What’s more, chances are you’ve already experienced some of them and resolved them more or less successfully. Still, a house is a complex system, where some parts may function perfectly well, while others may cause a lot of damage, sometimes completely out of the blue. So, what are those emergencies that are most common in a household and how should you approach them?

Leaking roof

Having a home means having a roof over your head, but that roof may leak sometimes. While roof repairs in most cases require professional help, there are some things that you should do in case of such an emergency in order to prevent it from escalating and creating more damage than necessary. First of all, find a container to collect the water and immediately remove all electric appliances nearby. Also, switch off all general power outlets until you’ve fixed the roof. Only then should you move furniture away or cover them with plastic sheeting or towels.

Hot water system

One of the major inconveniences is a problem with hot-water supply. If you detect strange smells or leaks, you might have a broken hot water system. Needless to say, you have to contact your plumber immediately, but also turn the water off at the tap by the hot water system. Next, don’t forget to switch off the hot water switch in the fuse box. The last thing you should do is open the hot water tap to relieve pressure in the system.

Burst pipe

You can find a puddle of water one day or hear a dripping sound from within a wall cavity or ceiling. Those are pretty sure signs you have a burst pipe. Again, the first thing you have to do is remove all electrical appliances. Only then should you go to the water meter and turn the tap off. Next, turn off your hot water service and turn on both hot and cold water taps to drain the system completely. You should immediately call an expert who can fix the problem or offer reliable pipe relining solutions, depending on how big the damage is.

Blocked toilet

Another typical problem that all of us have encountered at some point is a blocked toilet. There is no need to elaborate on how inconvenient that is, but we need to be aware that it’s only up to us to keep the toilet clean, i.e. they don’t get blocked just because they feel like it. It’s excess toilet paper, children’s toys, food leftovers and other objects that people throw that cause a toilet to be clogged. You may try using a plunger to suck the clog out, but if that doesn’t work, you have to bring in a professional, who has the right tools and skills to unblock your toilet.

Being locked out of home

You can get locked out when you take out your trash or after a late night out. Perhaps you’ve forgotten your keys or your kids thought it would be funny to keep you outside. Whatever the reason, the best idea is to have a spare key hidden somewhere, such as inside a fake rock, in an electrical panel protected by a combination lock or some other place a burglar wouldn’t expect. Also, you can give a spare key to your neighbour, if you trust them enough.

Gas leak

This is one of the most dangerous emergencies you can have. If the room is full of gas, a spark or a flame could start a fire or even set off an explosion. So, if you smell gas, make sure you don’t smoke in the house until a professional comes to inspect the installations. Also, don’t turn any electrical appliance on or off and don’t try to fix the problem yourself.

These are the most common household emergencies and knowing how to deal with them should help you minimize the damage and prevent it from escalating. The most important thing is to keep calm and react promptly if something like that happens, but it’s even better to maintain your home properly in order to prevent such emergencies in the first place.