Starting a business and building a brand involves hundreds if not thousands of aspects a founder needs to consider. Majority understands the importance of a logo design and hires an agency or a freelancer to design one at an early stage of operating the business. However, is logo design enough? What about brand identity? If you don’t know what the term means, read on.

What is brand identity design?

Brand identity design is an extension of your logo. Also sometimes referred to as corporate identity design, additionally to logo, it includes specified brand colors, fonts, business card design, letterhead, envelopes and compliment notes design. Colloquially speaking, brand identity design covers your business stationery and more.

Why would your brand need it?

Why would you need to invest in something like this though? Because, ideally, your brand should be consistently shown across all your stationery and merchandise. As a small accountancy firm, for example, you wouldn’t want to simply paste your logo into a blank A4 paper, would you? Most definitely, you would want to include a little bit extra of a design which is called a letterhead design.

As a coffee shop, you would want the design to be consistent across your menu, outdoor shield, take away cups, napkins, etc. Brand identity design package is exactly what you would need to consider to achieve the mentioned consistency effect.

Who can design your brand’s identity?

Where and how can you get such design? As a founder just starting a business, your budget is likely to be limited. Hence, going to a design agency, which tends to charge a fortune, isn’t really a realistic option. Instead, you should hire a freelance designer or register at a design crowdsourcing platform. An example is DesignBro where you can purchase logo, brand identity and/or packaging graphic design services executed by vetted freelancers. Other options include platforms like 99designs or DesignCrowd. There are plenty of go-to destinations.

Do you agree that brand identity is crucial for a business or do you believe a simple logo is enough?

Natalia Raben is a business and design student taking care of marketing at DesignBro