Car tinting has advanced far from its earlier versions as the development of technology is continuous, and researchers are discovering newer ways to help make the lives of both driver and passenger more comfortable. One of the primary reasons why people apply window films is to ensure the comfort of everyone staying in the vehicle for long hours.

Car window tint films reduce the harmful effects of heat, glare, UV damage, and fading.

Minimizing heat results in a more relaxing car which can also reduce the dependence on air conditioning. Reducing glare allows drivers better visibility while reducing their eyestrain. Rejecting ultraviolet rays protect both eyes and skin from damage. Window tint films delay the fading of the car’s seat covers, dashboards, and other parts of the vehicle’s interior.

Window tinting lets drivers have a more comfortable experience in the car, and constant technological advancements mean that advanced tint films can do better and give much more in regards to comfort. Nano-tinting is the latest innovation to tinting technology.

Nano-technology imbeds smaller than microscopic particles into multiple layers of the film which effectively blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays while also significantly reducing heat. Nano-tint films are capable of blocking 91% of infrared heat and 99% of ultraviolet rays.

The film’s capability to reduce the infrared heat and to reject ultraviolet rays allows for greater efficiency in vehicle performance while being non-conductive, enhancing optical clarity, and providing the vehicle a much sleeker look.

Conductive window tint films interfere with AM and FM radios, satellite radios, GPS, and any security systems installed in the vehicle that require magnetic waves to function resulting in lesser performance. Nano-tint films are non-conductive which means that it presents no problems compared to conventional tinting.

Some car owners are reluctant to install window tint films because of concerns on having poor visibility but nano-tint films ensure that both driver and passenger have enhanced optical clarity by reducing glare without obstructing the view.

Nano-tinting gives your car a sleek look since the film is black which is a timeless and classic aesthetic for any vehicle.

Investing in nano-tint films will make your car cooler both inside and out thanks to its benefits and its timeless aesthetic. Global Tint’s infographic gives more details on the benefits of using nano-tint technology.

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