In this day and age where tech jobs have become the benchmark of the US economy and the drivers of innovation, the heaviest competition among tech companies is now how to get the best workers on their team. As you might expect, tech companies are looking to rewrite the process for recruiting, though in some cases principles from the old ways of recruiting do still apply. But the day has come where less work needs to be done with weighing through resumes and doing all the manual recruiting tasks, and tech companies can spend more time finding and marketing to the candidates they’re interested in. How are they doing this?

Tech Companies Still Look For Talent In Cities

Unlike the Industrial Revolution and the age of manufacturing, bringing in talent to work for tech companies doesn’t have to be limited to urban areas, yet it still holds true that geography is still a factor. Certain cities have reputations of being tech capitals, and companies certainly can seek out candidates who are on the move looking to come into their markets. But some have proactively relocated to where universities and training institutions are putting out graduates with the idea of making their recruits’ next trip to a job interview and hiring a short one. But there are other factors that tech companies have to deal with such as costs of living and tax laws in certain locations that also affect how they can attract new talent to their team.

Tech Companies Are Starting To Look Outside Elite Universities

The big universities aren’t becoming obsolete yet, but tech companies are starting to realize that there is untapped talent to be found outside of that pool. Smaller community colleges and certified online training programs are out there, and there’s a lot of different avenues where innovators will show up. Tech companies also know that even in their industry, people skills and communication still very much rule the day when bringing in new workers, and sometimes it pays to look outside the box to find individuals with those skills. With the cost of higher education continuing to skyrocket, and many elite universities requiring all the academic core curriculums, looking outside of universities to bring in new workers faster can be a win-win situation for both tech companies and their candidates.

Tech Companies Are Using AI And Social Media To Promote Their Brand In Hiring

What is talent acquisition really looking like for tech companies now? It really is starting to come down to big data and digital tools to sell potential employees on a company, and that’s because having campaigns targeted at social media users on places like LinkedIn or Facebook can be just as effective for recruiting as they can be for selling products to customers. One company in Sydney, Australia discovered how they could do this by focusing LinkedIn campaigns on global candidates and encourage them to relocate to Australia. The lesson taken from this is that there’s so many ways through social media interactions, videos of company events and cultures, and other online outreach programs that tech companies can get hits on the talent they’re after.


The bottom line is that while geography does still have a role in talent acquisition, an effective recruiting process can transcend all international borders. The best tech companies know their brand is important, but even more so their vision, challenge to new workers and ultimately the elements of fun that come with them are going to be looked at sometimes even more so than salary. Often what job candidates want to know is that a company is headed in the right direction.