The legalization of marijuana in the United States in 10 states as well as the District of Columbia demonstrates a specific positive trend in the attitude of the populace toward the recreational use of pot. In many persuasive studies, the drug has been shown to be less damaging (and addictive) than alcohol or tobacco. Socially, legalization has been shown to be part of reducing incarceration percentages and violent drug related crimes.

Of course, a good amount of the impetus for further legalization likely comes from the astounding revenues being generated through sales in the markets where marijuana is legal. A Forbes article breaks down sales in California alone to be more than $2.75 Billion. Taxation provides state governments with further financial incentives to lean toward legalization. Tax revenue from marijuana was $250 million in Colorado in 2017 — a number that is seeing significant growth already in 2018.

However, according to some of the largest captains of the industry, taxation and sales aren’t the only ways to use marijuana to a corporate advantage. Marijuana Doctors put together a recent list of prominent people who have said they regularly use marijuana as a catalyst for their business prowess. Microsoft leader Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that marijuana is his “pharmaceutical of choice” while Apple leader Steve Jobs was also known to use pot to “relax and innovate.”

There may be some who maintain that marijuana dampens ambition, however several outspoken leaders beg to differ. These elite businessmen, at least, point to marijuana as a way to reduce stress and improve their abstract thought patterning. This, many believe, allows them to innovate more effectively. In fact, rather than suppressing brain function, a new study at Harvard says that marijuana use can improve cognitive functionality.

That doesn’t mean using pot will necessarily give you the creative skills to be a media mogul like Ted Turner or computer genius like Gates, however these testimonials may have you wondering if it might help just a bit.