Did you know that in the US, immigrants represent 27.5 percent of entrepreneurs? This is incredible given the fact that they only make up around 13 percent of the overall population. In fact, studies across many countries have revealed that immigrants are far more likely to start a business than the native population. This begs the question: why is there such a strong connection between immigration and entrepreneurialism?

Hansen & Company have created a fascinating infographic which probes into this question. This insightful graphic lays out at the various factors that are believed to contribute to the high levels of entrepreneurialism among the immigrant community and shares several inspiring immigrant success stories.

While some maintain that the American Dream is dead, the below infographic shares examples of six people for whom it seems to be very much alive. These tales show us the importance of having the hunger to succeed and illustrates how for many immigrants, this hunger is intensified having made it to America from another country. This determination to carve out a better future often gives immigrants an edge over others when it comes to building successful businesses.

Learn more in the infographic below.