Have you ever wondered why more technology is getting added into the dashboard of your car? Some people might believe that it’s getting dangerously distracting to drivers as more lights, buttons and gadgets become options.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the future is driverless cars. That future is almost here as companies like Uber, Tesla, Waymo, and Lyft work hard to bring us automated automobiles.

In the future, you’ll ride in cars with mobile connections that are on and active constantly. Voice prompts and touchscreens will further replace knobs and other such physical features. Here are some interesting tech additions cars are seeing as we move into this future.

A New Age of Touchscreens

With each passing year, we’re seeing larger touch screens that allow for more options. One such example is the 2018 Mercedes A-Class. It comes with a touchscreen that is 10 inches. While large, it’s not too large and it has a responsiveness that should remind you of your smartphone.

It’s an easy-to-read screen designed to minimize distractions. There is an option to make sure it doesn’t display anything while you drive.

Looking for a bigger screen for your next vehicle? Take a look at the SUV option from Byton. Its display screen is enormous, measuring in at 40 inches. The dashboard is so large that it actually stretches all the way from one side of the car to the other. One caveat is that it’s not a touchscreen. Instead, the driver controls the entire screen via buttons and a smaller steering wheel touchscreen.

This particular Byton incorporates a new “gesture” interaction. It only works when the vehicle is stopped but it allows you to point and pick out selections on the screen with your fingers. In order to minimize distraction, it’s most likely a very good idea that the gesture option deactivates once the car is back in motion.

Or maybe you’re heading down to the dealer to look at a nice Chrysler 300 for sale and want to know if its dash is entering the new tech revolution. In fact, its touchscreen is over 8 inches and includes interesting features like Apple CarPlay, bluetooth technology and voice commands.

Connecting Your Mobile Device

Another major aspect to futuristic car dashboards is how you’re able to connect mobile devices. Connecting to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay has never been easier in many newer models of cars and it makes using your phone while driving easy and safe.

Your phone can be hidden from view and still be used to send and receive texts, answer phone calls, stream your favorite tunes and help guide you with navigation.

Talking to Your Car

The most innovative aspect to new car dashboards is likely the ability to talk to your car. Instead of touching the screen or gesturing at it, wouldn’t it be great to basically have Alexa inside your vehicle?

Most automakers are hard at work in making this a reality. At the 2018 CES event in Las Vegas, many manufacturers brought forth their voice technology. Even Toyota got into the act as Panasonic told the world that it planned to integrate Google Assistant and Alexa into the infotainment systems it delivers to automakers.

Others, like the Mercedes A-Class mentioned above, are working on their own voice integration systems. The newest Toyota Camry XLE revealed its internal voice activation system called Voicebox at CES.

While voice activation systems today aren’t perfect, there will come the day that your car will simply update to the latest software patch in order to improve your voice controlling experience. Tesla has been offering these types of software updates already for quite some time. Another piece of technology that should make all dashboard tech better and more reliable is the coming 5G technology.