Chatbots are specially trained programs that can have a conversation with a user. Chatbots are widely used these days in several areas such as customer service, personal assistant, organizer, etc. The main purpose of a Chatbot is to deliver effective communication with users. The communication can be either text or voice messages. Chatbot responds back in such a way that the user on the other end doesn’t feel like he/she is communicating with a bot.

Nowadays, almost every business is using Chatbots to interact with their customers. Chatbots can guide customers in having better communication with the organization, solving their queries, product updates, complaint follow up, etc. Customer relationship can be increased as the bot responds instantly.

Chatbots can be mainly classified into two. The first kind of Chatbot is the one which communicates with the users as per the instructions given to them. The instructions are nothing but programmed languages. If any question other than the pre-programmed instruction is asked, the bot can’t respond properly. In such cases, communication will be transferred to any other human executives.

The second type of Chatbot is the one which is integrated using Artificial Intelligence. These bots respond to any questions that have been asked to it. They are programmed using machine learning. AI enabled Chatbots can even identify human emotions based on the chat and can act accordingly.

Integrating a Chatbot can have a huge impact on a business. In a business, Chatbots act as a unique channel for increasing brand value and profits. It reduces the delay in solving customer queries and complaints. A Chatbot can also increase sales by referring your products to the customers. They can ping the customers once you have launched a new product or service. Chatbots can be programmed in such a way that they can even collect the payment also. In an E-Commerce business, having a Chatbot can help customers in identifying and tracking the products they purchased.

In future, no businesses can survive without having a Chatbot. They play a vital role in determining the success of a firm. As there is less human involvement, the chances of making errors will be less when a Chatbots are implemented.