Teachers are role models of students as many students unconsciously start following their favourite teachers. So teachers need to be very careful regarding their behaviour, and try to be a living example of what they are teaching to the kids. Punctual behaviour of a teacher is what we are focusing in this article.

Teacher is a role model of every student for the entire life. Teacher is the one who let us know the world through books and develop the mind age of the student. Teacher help their students to see the world beyond their level. A best teacher is who rules on mind and wins the heart of the students through their proper guide line. Being a student it’s difficult to manage time, work, hobbies and different   activities at once but it’s a teacher who guide their students to manage educational and personal life at once as in Assignment Writing Service. Punctuality is one of the essential quality of the teacher to train their students. Being a teacher it is the basic quality and responsibility to be punctual as for students teacher is not only who teach them only books but to built the personality of the students. To be punctual is a great quality of a good person so far for a teacher it is the prime quality as consume the time with full responsibility will enhance their productivity.

Meaning of punctuality:

Punctuality means to do every work and task on the time. Our life is all about time as in the limited life time one can achieve their goals and dreams while other can ruin their life by wasting the time. Doing the work on time and finishes on time can polish the carrier of a teacher and common person. Winding up all the targeted tasks before time to bed will lead a successful future. Punctuality make the daily routine so flexible and relax.



It is a common verse that early to bed early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Its about to be punctual for every work and activity. Punctuality gives piece of mind and relax mind set.


Through proper time schedule productivity increase as doing any task on time with full concentration increase the capability of thinking and decision making power. For a teacher it provides a healthy environment for their students.


When work or tasks achieved on time, it give pleasure and satisfaction to the person. When burden of work is shaded or done, the mind become so relax and clam down. It gives positive response towards the goal. A positive teacher can encourage their students towards their goals.


Punctuality gives a flexible time schedule to the teacher as managing time will allow some extra time to involve in the lecture or task.


A punctual teacher can be allocated as the best teacher as the goal of the teacher is not only to increase knowledge but to give a proper life set model to their students.


Time management gives a relax schedule to a teacher as finish all the work on time allow a teacher to relax and spend some free time to reset the mind with fresh mood.


When the targeted work is finished on time some extra activities can be handle so easily. Punctuality give the chance of being your own self.


Many health issues are arise just because of dis-management and burden of work. Work become a Nightmare and a person ruined their body organs like eyes stomach and so on. So many health issue can be resolved as peace of mind and relax time duration will keep the body in relax foam.


In case of any emergency or extra work punctual person can handle it very easily. Being a teacher a person should be ready for emergency or extra work which may also include extra curricular activities so if a teacher is on time and have a habit of punctuality it can lead him to manage any extra work.


The involvement rate of punctual teacher is more than a lazy teacher. When a teacher finishes his work on time it may lead him to involve in the targeted task more eventually because enough time with the peace of mind a teacher can improve his productivity and understand their students more effectively

If works is not finishes on time the work become a burden and fed up the teacher from the task. A good teacher is that one who can manage their work responsibility, personal life, hobbies and extra curricular activities at once.  Teacher is a role model for every age of student as a teacher can build a strong character of a student while can also ruined the personality of student because a good teacher is a blessing of GOD.