Modern education was meant for making education accessible to majority of children but the rapid advancement has somewhat become problematic.

Education is a basic necessary of a human being with the passage of time many changes are rise. Social environment, educational system social issues, technological objects and many more are developed with the time. In the modern age of technology, education system is completely changed. Books are replaced by eBooks, yearly exams are converted in semester system. Written work, books and lectures are replaced with typing. Technology of internet are followed in many universities although it’s a very good step to move with development but on the other hand it can make many problems and harder to the students. Many challenges are faced by students in the form of assignments, theories, analyses, critical thinking and many more. Many facilities are available in education department but still the problems are tougher. I am discussing few of the issues below which will also help students in their assignment writing service.

  • Classroom Size:

Classes are small in size that disturb students as overloaded classes are a mess and a student cannot understand the lecture with peace of mind.

  • Poverty.

Computers, laptop, tablets, IPhone and EBooks are the major requirement of modern education but due to financial crisis many students cannot afford these expensive items. There are different policies introduced by the government about distributing electronic devices but still the problem remains the same as the students are many.

  • Family Factors.

Many families are not in the favour of the modern education system specially girls education so they didn’t allowed to continue. Most of the institutes is about co-education and there still are some restrictions upon girls in under-developing countries.

  • Technology.

With the rapid development of technology many complicated applications are developed which are not accessible by many students due to complicated steps and lack of knowledge. So it has become a hurdle in their education.

  • Bullying.

Due to tough competition bulling and backbiting are common problems faced by a student because the opportunities are less than number of students so many students are victim of this problem

  • Student Attitudes and Behaviours.

With the accessibility of facilities, the attitude of students have been changed. They have become so lazy and are not hard worker anymore because they can asses the technology so easily. They know that they can complete their assignment and projects in shorter time as their are ready made material available on net. They will make few changes and will be done with the task.

  • No Child Left Behind.

The modern age pursue that every child should be part of education but on the other hand lack of facilities and knowledge make it so difficult to continue the studies. The requirements of modern education are also very costly and the poverty rate throughout the world is much higher.

  • Parent Involvement.

Modern technology involved the parents in their child educational system. Heavy fee all of them to be the part of their child education system because of very deep involvement of parents it become very complicated to handle the situation of student. At home they are also suffering from stick restrictions and time table.

How these problems could be solved:

There are some possible solutions to the problem. If followed properly, modern education system could be made much better for all the students.

  • Reduce the Number of Students in the Classroom

Only a smaller class can enable an active role for the student and improve the level of individual attention they get from the teacher

  • Set Some Limits

We don’t have to see education as opposed to entertainment. However, we have to make the students aware of the purpose of technology and games in the classroom. It’s all about learning

  • Make Internships and Volunteering Part of Education

When students graduate, a volunteering activity can make a great difference during the hiring process. In addition, these experiences help them develop into complete persons. If the students start getting credits for volunteering and internships, they will be willing to make the effort.

  • Stop Expecting Parents to Act Like Teachers at Home

The parent should definitely support their child throughout the schooling process. However, we mustn’t turn this into a mandatory role. The teachers should stop assigning homework that demands parental assistance.

  • More Internships, More Realistic Education

Practical education – that’s a challenge we still haven’t met. We have to get more practical. The evolution of the educational system is an important process. we have a system that’s more suitable to the needs of generations when compared to the traditional system. However, it’s still not perfect.