With Windows phones and devices out of the game, there are 2 contenders left for the app development programs. Android and iOS app development are the two standing pillars now.

However, the procedure of development for both these platforms is very different. It is quite common for an iOS app development company to have more costs. These expenses are considerably more than the other platforms.

Yes, the Android or the hybrid platforms do not have such an elevation in the expenses as iOS. But what is the reason behind the increase?

iPhone App Development: Why Is It Expensive

Well, the iPhone app development process is undoubtedly an expensive one. Now the question is why. The simple and easy answer would be the design and engineering talent of the iPhone app developers.

It is true that the iPhone apps are pretty cheap as a whole. It is the cost of development that often sky-rockets. This can be a problem for the developers who don’t have the necessary budget.

Open up the App Store and you will be greeted with thousands of apps. All of these apps have different developers behind their creation. However, it is a surprise that most of them don’t earn that much.

As an opposite case, there are other iOS apps that perform really well and earn millions. However, these are the apps that are not really built by the developers who work solo. These apps have teams and organizations behind their creation.

Now the teams can be big or small on the basis of the app requirements. Most teams have more members than the others. So, there is a need for proficient and efficient developers. This ultimately results in the higher costs for an iOS app development company

However, that is not the only reason. Here we will get into the details that tell us about the cost of app development.

Operating System And The Device

The iOS development is all about the creation and development of an app that is for the internal uses. As a result, there is a control that the developers have over the platforms and the devices. This, as a result, leads to an increase in the price.

This is one of the main reasons why iPhone app development takes a lot of money. After all, creating apps for external users is a lot cheaper.

HTML5 Web Or Native App

This decision is totally on the basis of the experience of the user. The native apps have the OS-specific language for their creation. An example of that would be Objective C or Java.

However, the web apps are just elongated web pages. They don’t really depend on the language of the operating system.

We all know that the HTML5 web apps are the ones that are cheaper. So, the iOS apps that have an OS-specified language are the more expensive options.

User Authentication

When it comes to enterprise apps, it is important to consider this factor. The non-secure applications have low costs of development. However, these apps require the login details of the users. This is in order to ensure safe and secure integration with the company channel.

So, there is a requirement for cooperation and support of the team. This helps in seamless integration but also raises the cost of the apps.

This is another important factor why the iPhone app development company has to pay more for development purposes.

Integrating With The Enterprise System

There are two main types of app integration. The application is either a stand-alone one or a system-integrated one. The iPhone apps have the enterprise system integrated into them. Hence there is a requirement for enterprise data. This, as a result, increases the cost of the development.

An app that doesn’t require the enterprise data will have a low cost of development. This is something that the Android apps do.

Distribution Of The Application

After the creation of the apps, different channels help in the deployment of it. There are different costs that come together with the different deploying channels.

There are commercial channels that have a fixed rate. The developer needs to pay that amount in order to display the app on these channels.

iOS applications have higher licensing costs. There are also the additional approval costs as well. Apart from that the security standards and policies add to the cost.

Custom Add-Ons

The apps for the customers always center on the revenue generation and traffic creation. So, there is a requirement for the tools that help in the process. Getting these tools for the development of iOS apps isn’t that easy. Hence the higher costs.

However, there are many benefits for that as well. These apps will get more ROI and sales for the brand.

Support And Maintenance

The deployment of the apps doesn’t really terminate the expenses of the app. Sometimes the user feedbacks can be negative.

This increases the need for improvement and maintenance of the apps. Providing proper support to the users is also essential. These tactics further add to the cost of the application.


So, these are some of the factors that can elevate the cost of the apps. It is important for an iPhone app development company to recognize these costs. With the rising popularity, the demand for the iPhone apps is also increasing.

In these times, a few additional costs might not be a big deal for the companies. These additional costs then result in more downloads as well.