Establishing an advanced website is one of the most complex and patience work that a developer is assigned to do. From the last four years, Laravel has popped-up as one of the lead PHP platforms to develop the versions of the website. Taylor Otwell has created Laravel in 2011 to overcome the shortcoming of CodeIgniter framework. From that point, it has proved itself as the best partner of PHP.

PHP (stands for recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source server-side scripting language functioned for web development. It can be embedded into HTML or can also be used in the fusion with a variety of web content management systems, web template systems, and web frameworks.

With the rising popularity of PHP web development, there seen a hike in the launch of different types of web frameworks in the last 5 years. Laravel has grabbed the top position among all. Laravel is an open-source model-view-controller(MVC) PHP web framework specially created for the development of web applications. There is in total 14 versions of Laravel available and the latest one is version 5.5, released in August 2017. It has sophisticated and sober syntax pattern with the secure authentication mechanism.

There are the reasons stated below why PHP and Laravel is the perfect combination:

Laravel framework employs MVC architectural pattern (model-view-controller) that separates and manages the application’s development aspects. In this development, there is 3 division-

Where the controller obtains all the requests for application and then instructs the model to put together all the information required by the view. The view uses that data prepared by the controller to bring the final output. Resulting in increment of performance and helps in better documentation by creating flawless and valid codes. The documentation done with the help of Laravel is tidy, organized and user-friendly.

The Laravel framework operates over lightweight templates. These templates help the Laravel developers to overcome all the complexities that arise in developing a flexible and efficient advance web application. It supports a huge collection of widgets which are framed with solid-structured JS and CSS codes.
With the touch of dynamic content seeding, Laravel can devise sober yet powerful web applications. Laravel uses blade templates, a light-weighted and powerful templating engine, that assembled into plain PHP and cached for excellent performance.

Laravel has a built-in tool-kit that can enhance and unify all the common tasks as well as many important functions like authentication, routing, caching, etc into the framework. Laravel also backing up popular cache back-ends- Redis and Memcached out-of-the-box and even configure diverse cache configurations.
Moreover, Laravel offers a tool-kit for command line- Artisan, which performs most of the tiring and monotonous programming tasks that most developers skip. These tools can also be used to make skeleton code and database structure. Artisan push developers to create their own commands and ease things with it.

Laravel is the only framework that has over 20 high-level pre-installed libraries. These types of libraries cannot be found in any other PHP frameworks. One of the pre-installed libraries is the Authentication library which is among the most popular and useful library of Laravel or any other platform.
It is easy-to-implement and has many latest features, including, Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery), encryption, routing, HTTP authentication, user authentication, and login throttling. It also allows increasing the security level by providing protection and password reset function. Object-Oriented libraries are only available in Laravel.

Laravel framework is framed over 20 different libraries that are further classified into modules that allow the Laravel developers to build alter, modular and accessible web apps. The Laravel framework permits the developer to add more than 5500 packages for developing advanced web applications. Due to the modular and extensible framework, the Laravel framework makes sure that you built a highly responsive web application in the shortest time-frame.
On the other hand, the extensible framework allows the developer to add personalized packages to the library. This increases the ease level of the developer who works on Laravel.


This is counted among the most astonishing feature of the Laravel framework. Lumen, a micro-framework that focuses on lean development, rest all the same principles are same as Laravel framework. It helps to develop micro projects without consuming much of the developer’s time and with ease. Lumen helps to move to Laravel’ s full framework by just copying the code using the integrated features in a minimal configuration.
It provides the developers with lean web development services which are counted among the best feature of the Laravel framework.

Laravel is developed with the perspective of tests done in mind. The unit testing feature secures that updated changes should not create a problem by running various tests. The development of the unit testing needs a sufficient amount of time which is a necessity for the empowering the application for flawless work. The tool regarding unit testing makes sure that any new changes made to the application, won’t crack it. This puts a pinpoint on development time, project money, and personal stress.
Direct database testing is counted among the best time-saving tools which are in Laravel. It also considers the convenient helper methodologies, further enabling expressive testing of the apps. Laravel PHP framework with the artisan command line utility made code testing easier.

Laravel has provided the relaxation by terminating the need of database replication after making changes. Through this, a developer can logically never lost data. This resulted in faster and secure database migration process. Laravel consider a smart Bcrypt algorithm for encrypting database passwords that eventually made it the best PHP framework.
Laravel migration system expands the structure of the web application database without re-creating it each time when web developers make a change. Adding more to the facility of altering the database structure, it also gave the relaxation of switching of language to PHP code from SQL. Laravel Schema Builder also provides the feature of creating database tables and inserting indices or columns accordingly.

Laravel PHP framework also presents a series of route options to the Laravel developer from and will further be used to trigger the application. Routes in Laravel PHP framework can be defined in the app, HTTP, routes or PHP file. Then, the file will be automatically uploaded by the Laravel Framework. The route defining method is quite simple along with an expression that accepts URL and a closure. The user just must type the name of the route followed to which the updated URL will automatically insert. It helps in creating a variety of built-in functions to choose from a better development architecture.

These are some of the Laravel framework’s benefits that make it one of the best PHP frameworks. It has proved itself by providing a fantastic service – creating web applications, backend database work, and authentication issues- to the developer. Moreover, it has also increased the security and productivity at the same time, justifying the title “Laravel the best PHP framework”.