The evolution of technology has made the world tremendously fast and mobile. Myriads of technological developments have been deployed and run successfully on different devices. In particular, mobiles have become the bare necessity of the people around the world. To serve the needs of the mobile users, mobile applications have come to an aid.

These mobile applications are made employing different mobile app development platforms, namely Windows, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, and iOS. However, Android app development platform has earned a respectable position in mobile development market rapidly. According to reliable recent statistics by, Google’s Android has moved up the market share to a large extent, accounting for 80% of the smartphones shipped globally.

Let’s Discuss the Reasons to Choose the Android Platform over its Contemporaries.

  • A wider pool of customer:

As per the sources from statista, the total number of the Android application on Google’s Play Store was 3 million (as of June 2017).

As the Android app development is an open source platform, it provides mobile application developer flexibility and easy to use guidelines. As a result, there are more numbers of applications which can be helpful to its potential users. This will give Android more number of downloads. With this in mind, the development company hires android app developers that are proficient in Android app development platform.

  • Easier Installation:

Not only from Google Play store, but the users can easily download Android applications from third-party websites. Besides, Android’s Software development kit lets the user download the application directly from the device or from the command line. Therefore, it is tempting for investors to invest in android app development.

  • Installation of custom ROMs:

As in the case of Android, the developers can edit and recompile code for variety of devices. In which they can change the whole appearance of the app as well as functioning. Therefore, a mobile application development platform can utilize this code and adapt it to other devices smoothly.

  • Ease of Entry in the Market:

To register your developed Android mobile application, you just need to create your APK file and submit it to Play Store. On the contrary, it is time consuming and cumbersome process to register your application in the App Store in iOS platform. Additionally, it is possible to update your developed app as many times as possible, taking the user’s feedback.

  • Run on a More number of Devices:

Speaking about compatibility, Android runs on manifold numbers of devices than its nemesis. As a result, Android has a better hardware range. So, users around the globe have access to different kind of devices which runs on the Android. Hence, Android app development platform can be a profitable venture of businesses.

  • Social Media Optimization:

Developing mobile apps for businesses need a platform for marketing, brand awareness, and better reach to the customer. This can be done by developing social media applications. Applications developed with Android have better integration with social media websites, which aids companies to approach more customers. Linking your app to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can guarantee a huge user base. This is another reason to choose the Android platform over any other platform.

  • Easier to Master:

To develop a fully functioning Android application one needs to learn the Java language. Since it is not that much complicated than its iOS counterpart languages like Objective-C and Swift, one can master Java in lesser time. Even an amateur developer with needful knowledge about Java and some frameworks can easily make an Android application.

  • Affordable apps and Free apps:

The revenue generated by mobile apps has been increased drastically in recent times. Now, selling ad space in applications is one of the most common methods used by Android app owners to generate revenue. This allows Android to offer free apps. Furthermore, in-app purchases by users also generate extra revenues. Therefore, free and cheap apps go long ways to popularize the apps and its organization behind it.

  • Less Development Cost:

The yearly subscription of Google play store is approximately $25, whereas, the subscription for apple app store is $99, which is another reason to choose Android app development platform. Moreover, Android is an open source platform, this gives developers the advantage of choosing Android app development.

So, a mobile application development platform using Android will have a lower cost of development comparatively.

All in all, there are manifold reasons to choose the Android platform. Mostly, for the startup Android seems to be the right choice of platform. But to make a good app you need to Hire Android App Developers, who have proficiency in this field. Above all, there are a plethora of mobile app development tools which can aid the developers to create your favorite apps.