The platform is the very first thing you need to select when you are going to develop the business apps. Android and iOS are the 2 most used mobile operating systems in smartphones and among them, Android covers almost 72% mobile market. iOS is the second largest audience base mobile OS used in smartphones all around the world. platform selection os totally depended on the user’s spending behavior. if you are going to target Asian market then you can give more priority to Android as there are fewer people using iOS mobiles compare to the European market. if you cant spend on development of both mobile apps then you need to select your platform according to your targeted audience’s preferences.

iOS users are very less compared to android but still, they have a decent number of users covered in tire 1 countries. so if you want to market your mobile app worldwide or specifically this country then you need to launch iOS apps.

There are some other benefits of the use of iOS apps your business will get.

1. High quality :

When it comes to quality, android cant beat iOS. application developed in iOS are high quality as the development platform provide some very useful tools and functionality to develop solid native code with very fewer vulnerabilities. the best thing about iOS is the user-focused app interface.

2. Security:

Security within iOS is very high. no app can be installed or updated without user’s permission. users can not share any application or install it from any third party and need to use only company’s app store. users get very fewer options for customization and no root access at any condition. this makes the mobile and the data more secure. iOS is the totally user-centric operating system.

3. Compatibility:

iOS devices are compliant with different devices available in the market. so integration with other devices is very smooth and adaptive from OS side. iPhone application developers do not need to worry about the compatibility and they can focus on creating more powerful and useful applications. Apple devices come with advance processor speed and huge storage space that allows developers to create feature-rich apps designed for a better human interface.