A mobile app takes many births, first as a concept, then during the development phase, it changes its color and shape at various stages to finally land in the end-users’ lap to be cherished afterward. The number of efforts invested in the pre-app launch to post app launch is not new, and they are done in abundance with every mobile app to make the app a successful venture, yet there is a HUGE number of mobile apps, which largely go unnoticed and are often fail to mark a presence, despite having a smooth interface, interactive design, and a unique mobile app concept.

Why Does It Happen??

The reason behind this mishap is largely due to the unawareness users carry for the mobile app. Even though the app was launched and developed on a larger scale, but there was no relevant set of information made for the users to attain the information that there is a mobile app, which could help the users to know more about the mobile app.

Unfortunately this is not a fabricated thought, carved especially to write this post, but it is the crushing fact of the app market, which clearly suggests that apps with the most significant features and the functionality go usually unnoticed due to the lack of publicity drive.

Well, it is not at all unfair, and if you would analyze closely, you would comprehend that in order to survive and make a name in the app market, a full-fledged campaign must run for your mobile app. Apart from the usual marketing tactic, there is one much significant factor which should not be skipped at any given cost and that is a promotional website for your mobile app.

A promotional website helps you in numerous ways, and some of those I am going to address in his post today…

Helps You Create A User Base

It is much important for you to get a user base in order to get a much deserving recognition in the app market. With such a cut-throat competition, it is next to impossible to gain popularity in the app market, thus here a promotional website come for your rescue, which helps your app to gain a relevant user base, much before the app launch and help your app to get recognized.

Helps You Connect With Users

Any business grows successful, only when it is able to connect with the targeted audience, but expecting a mobile app to directly connect with the user base is an impossible task, so here you can take the assistance of promotional website which helps you connect with the targeted audience effortlessly.

Helps You Enhance Ranking

I know if your app is good, it would automatically gain the ranking on Google, but getting ranked on first page of Google is a time-consuming process, which generally consumes roughly 2-3 months to get ranked and a mobile app taking a 2-3 months time to rank, loses a bigger chunk of targeted audience, who check the ranking of mobile app.

Again in this situation, a promotional website comes handy and it helps your app and business to rank on the first page of Google’s organic search effortlessly.

Along with these benefits, there are several other benefits as well, like…

Helps Your Users To Check Your App’s Functionality

Your app is only accessible to the users, since it is finally launched n its respective stores, but before the app launch if something which creates excitement amongst the users and makes them interested to use your mobile app, is the promotional website, where you can reflect your app’s screen and release the short app teasers to help you in gaining the attention from the users.

If you want your mobile app to succeed then along with selecting a mobile app development company in India, you also need to look out for every available resource to boost your app’s presence, which eventually helps your mobile app to gain popularity.

These are some of the benefits offered to your mobile app through the hands of the promotional website, thus it is highly significant to ask your mobile app development company to integrate the promotional website as a MUST feature for your mobile app development process.