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Why Your Startup Fails Without a Content Marketing Plan

As a startup, you have many options from which to choose when considering how to market your new business. There are offline marketing plans as well as online customers to reach.

Too many startups wait until they’ve blown their (financial) wad on fancy, but well designed) websites and they find out there is no money left for effective content marketing.

When building your startups content strategy, be sure to understand the role played by content marketing. Not only affordable, content marketing is effective in reaching both the primary and secondary target market — including everyday buyers.

What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing consists of blogs, white papers, press releases, social media posts, newsletters, opt-in email marketing drives, videos, and images. Material posted online with the goal of connecting and engaging your audience. Thoughtful and relevant information which increases the value also builds your business’ exposure.

From from posting just for the sake of posting, smart content marketing interacts and engages with your target market and positions it so they want to learn more.

Content marketing is more than essential for startups, but it is also effective for existing and thriving businesses as well. CMI and MarketingProfs recently reported 90% of B2B companies make content marketing a key part of their overall strategy.

What This Means for You

As a startup, your content marketing is important regardless of what industry you find yourself. Competition for customers is fierce and smart startups are learning that content marketing is the ideal way to be branded as an industry leader instead of an also-ran.

There are several key factors to keep in mind when designing a content marketing campaign.

These include:

  • Build Your Brand Equity,
  • Building Customer Relationships while Increasing Customer Engagement,
  • Increase Trust,
  • An Effective Alternative, and
  • Expand Your Reach

Build Your Brand Equity

When a potential customer happens across your online presence, they want to know what sets you apart. This is the largest factor behind smart crafting of online content if you want to be branded as an industry expert and leader.

Building Customer Relationships

Content marketing must consist of content which adds value to your target market. A sales-heavy blog post will be less effective than a blog post sharing a story of how your product or service solve customers’ problems.

Kyle Musser, the author of “2 Tips That Will Increase Your Digital Influence,” says: “Imagine for a minute that your business is at a place where customers come to you because they experience a deep emotional connection with your brand and whatever you offer. They then find themselves in one of your automated customer development funnels where they can buy whenever and wherever they best see fit.”

Increase Trust

No one knows who you are if you are a startup. Your content must include engaging content and can be used to convey your personality and company culture as well as your industry knowledge.

Your content must also address your customers’ needs — and an essential ingredient for building trust.

An Effective Alternative

Emily E. Steck writing on, “The greatest Catch-22 many young companies face in growing and marketing their businesses is this: you need to grow your brand to make money but have zero money.”

Your budget may not have room for television and newspaper advertising. Effective methods for marketing startups get your business up and running in the realities of our digital world. Content lasts forever, so the content you post today can bring new business to your doorstep for years.

Expand Your Reach

You may be physically located in Slabtown, West Virginia, but effective content marketing can provide you with exposure across the nation — and around the planet. With smart content marketing, you can grow your business outside your local region as you reach remote potential customers.