A change of profession is never an easy decision but there are certain jobs that will reward your career choice. One of them is becoming a chef. This is by no means an easy job but it isn’t super hard either. The paycheck at the end of the month will show you that you were right to become a chef. Now, there are certain points that you need to consider if you are new to the hospitality industry.

The best school

Believe it or not, you could even get a PhD in Culinary Arts but this is intended for a small group of professional.  In fact, you need not go through any culinary schooling to become a chef. Sure, there are culinary schools all over and there are even online courses. However, the best school you can get is practice. Observing and watching how to prepare a particular meal is one thing but preparing it yourself several times is the best method of learning. If you lack any experience, perhaps the best option would be to volunteer at a local restaurant to see how the dishes are made and prepare the ingredients as a novice. Once you have successfully made a few dishes on your own, you can consider yourself certified.

Define your end goals on the go

The hospitality industry is a vibrant one where things change constantly. Your career will be no different, so don’t have rigid goals. Your main goal is to learn how to be a good chef and to enjoy each and every step of this process. Once you succeed in his, then you have several career paths to choose from. You could set your sights on a prestigious restaurant and strive to become the main chef here. On the other hand, you might feel confident enough to go into entrepreneurial waters and open your own restaurant. Nobody knows what the future will bring but focus on learning at the beginning.

Workplace safety

Not many people notice the fact that an active kitchen is a dangerous place to work in. There is hot oil, waiters rushing all over the place and sharp objects, such as knives, on every wall and on every countertop. That is why it is important to look after yourself and other people all the time. Besides being constantly vigilant, you need to dress properly. Apart from the attire that you will probably be provided with, you need to have proper footwear. The first chance you get be sure to purchase slip resistant chef shoes that could save you from serious injury. There is always some sort of spillage on the floor, so it would be foolish to run around in your everyday sneakers.

Working long hours

If you want to become a real chef, then one thing that you have to be ready for are long working hours. Long, 12-hour shifts are pretty common for beginners who are still learning the ropes. Once you advance in your profession, the shifts will become shorter, as seasoned chefs work only during the opening hours of the hospitality business. In addition to being ready to work long hours, you have to ready for constant changes in the tasks you perform. Anything from chopping up vegetables to cleaning the kitchen after-hours could be assigned to you. This versatility will pay off in the end when you open your own place and your only worry becomes spending all the hard-earned money.

Lose the TV image of a chef

It is nice to look at chefs on TV that have their own kitchen and all the time in the world to prepare the dishes they have selected. They are a minority and you will probably not be doing anything of that sort. Being a chef is hard labor and this is something that you should start getting used to even before you commence your training.

At the end of the day, becoming a chef is a rewarding career choice. Your home finances will become stable, you will have plenty of room for professional advancement, and most importantly, you will enjoy your work.